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This tech good. That tech bad.

This tech good. That tech bad.
Photo by Oskar Yildiz / Unsplash

After 15 years building software products, I think the best thing I’ve developed is a taste in technology

Not “this tech good, that tech bad” kind of opinion

But more like “oh this one really fits my mental model and it makes me more productive”

I also see this in tech leaders I admire

When everything is a tradeoff, “good” and “bad” is kinda blurry

It’s more about what kind of tools that could make your team builder better, faster products

Sometimes it’s the old, proven techs

But sometimes it’s the new, unproven techs that are extremely good at a very niche use case

The second most common question I got is what tech stack I recommend for a new indie hacker

My answer has been always whatever already works for you

You should spend time to develop your own taste in technology

Find what fits you, and what doesn’t