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Trust your process

Trust your process
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I was mostly a self-taught developer, and am now trying to be a self-taught marketer.

I remember how hard it was to start a software project: there were just so many things to learn.

The computer science fundamental concepts, while important, are super boring and not always practical.

The more "fun" stuffs are in application development: framework APIs, DB optimization, cool UI animation...

It's easy to get frustrated when putting so many hours but didn't get the results I wanted.

But I understand it would take time to be better at both so I keep building more.

Now I feel the same when learning marketing.

There are the important fundamental conceps that people rarely talk about (5Ps, 7Ps...)

There are also many practical marketing courses.

And each marketer guru has their own opinion on how to do things.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed.

It's easy to feel frustrated when following a certain strategy but don't see the result I wanted.

But I understand it would take time to be a decent marketer, maybe much more than when learning how to code.

So my conclusion is I need to ship more, do more experiments, learn as fast as I can—then trust the process.

It took me ~10 years to be a decent developer.

It might take me another 10 to be a decent marketer.

That's fine.

Keep shipping and trust the process.