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Quitting is hard

Quitting is hard
The indie hacking meme

It is hard to quit your comfortable job. Doesn’t necessarily to be a high-paying job in big techs.

The doubt. The fear. And so many what-ifs…

I believe people who are on the fence are usually not sure what they want: freedom, uncapped upside, fame, or just a less BS way to work…

It took me 5 years to finally quit.

And the biggest motivation for me was from other indie hackers sharing their journey.

The realization that I might earn less, but have way more freedom (and hopefully learning a lot more)

Imagine living on your own terms, have no bosses while being able to provide for your family.

Amazing lifestyle, isn’t it?

Obviously it’s not easy to get there, but it gives me the confidence to start.

If you’re on the fence, spend some time to reflect on what you really want: money, fame, freedom.

And if it’s freedom, be very specific: how freedom looks like to you?

A vague “freedom” will likely be a trap where you trade one hamster wheel for another. You don’t want to hustle everyday until you burned out in chase of freedom.

And one last thing: you don’t have to quit to start a new business. Do it on the side! Many successful founders started this way.