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Be a formidableunderdog

Be a formidableunderdog
Photo by Sean Robertson / Unsplash

"Indie hackers are newbie entrepreneurs"

Can't remember who said that, but I find it so true.

When you position yourself as a newbie, it opens a lot of opportunities:

→ You learn everything with an open mind

The Dunning-Kruger effect happens to us all, sometimes without we knowing it.

By assuming we're below average, we see things with a fresh perspective and would question every assumption.

IMO, this is the best strategy to avoid the "Level 3" trap Shaan Puri mentioned.

I first learned this from the amazing article by @sivers: https://sive.rs/below-average

→ People want to help you

No one wants to help a Mr. Know It All.

I'm grateful that I got support from many other founders since I started

Your competitors underestimate you

This is the secret weapon many Asian parents teach their children.

Be a formidable underdog.

→ It helps build resilience

It's ok to fail when you're a newbie. It's just part of the learning process.

This is the reason why many successful people in BigTech would not start a startup.

The fear of failure is higher than a random 20-something just starting out.

What else do you think would be an advantage for a newbie entrepreneur?