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💡 5 pro-tips when submitting to the AppStore

💡 5 pro-tips when submitting to the AppStore
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Submit early

Don’t wait until you’re 100% happy with your app

Submit early so AppStore Reviewers would find issues sooner and you could fix them quicker

I did this with PDF Pals even when I knew it would be rejected

“But what if it gets published unplanned?”

The chance is low if it’s your first submission. But in AppStore Connect, you can choose to not release your app right away after approval.

Implement In-app Purchase (IAP)

This is unavoidable.

The sooner you do it, the better.

Use @RevenueCat for faster & easier integration.

Note that your first IAP/subscription must be submitted with a new binary version.

You can submit subscriptions separately afterwards.

Also, after your app is published, it might take 24 hours for IAP to work in production.

So wait for 24 hours before starting marketing/release campaigns.

If you’re also selling on the web using another payment provider, you must not link to your website from your app.

What’s about other pages like help docs and changelog?

One trick is to build separate pages for the appstore.

For PDF Pals, I have a few pages under the path /appstore, for example /appstore/changelog etc.

💡 Developer pro tip:

Set a session cookie when a user open these pages and hide certain part of your website accordingly.

So if a user accidentally navigate to your homepage, they would not see the purchase button.

Keep your feature sets small in the beginning

Over 40% of app rejections are for Guideline 2.1 — App Completeness.

This means that something didn’t work on your app during review.

This is why you should keep your feature sets small in the first release.

Make sure to show proper error message on network connection issues etc.

Have your marketing content ready

This has been my experience with KTool.

My first release, I didn’t explain clearly how the tool work and it the (only) screenshot looked half-baked.

Once I added more profesional screenshots and a more comprehensive app description, things got smoother.

Help reviewers to help us.

And that’s it.

If you have any other tips, comment below 😁