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What ideas to build?

A simple Venn diagram to decide what ideas to build
What ideas to build?

“Scratch your own itch” is a good strategy for startup founder, only if it got some sort of outside validation.

This is especially true for indie hackers.

Just because we have a problem to solve, doesn’t mean others find it a problem.

And even when it’s a valid problem, it doesn’t necessarily mean people will pay for a solution.

And even when some people are willing to pay for it, doesn’t mean us as a founder can reach many them.

All of my products come from my own “itches” but I always remind myself to seek outside validation early on.

I usually treat it as a tool to make a decision when I lack the outside data.

This is also true after the initial launch.

  • Should I add this new feature?
  • Should I add supports for that platform?
  • Do I really have to add dark mode?

Sometimes I have some data to make an informed decision. But most of the time I don’t.

My rule of thumb:

If a feature I would use daily or requested by 3 playing customers, then I would build it.

Simple but it has been working great for me so far.

Are you struggling with validating your ideas?